µ magnetic moment

magnetic moment is a consultancy operating in the field of the performing arts, offering targeted expertise in production, project management and the development of initiatives promoting the circulation of artworks and artists internationally.

magnetic moment works alongside artists, production teams, non-profit organizations and companies in the artistic and cultural sectors, supporting creation and creatives by providing tailored solutions.

  • Facilitates the implementation of your projects
  • Offers consulting and assistance services for the management of your projects
  • Draws on an established network of partners
  • Helps you access new resources
  • Gets to the heart of your ambitions to provide workable solutions

Production. Management consulting. Artistic advice. Project development. Tour organization.


The magnetic moment is used to define the intensity of a magnetic source.
In physics, this vector quantity is written m, or μ.

The magnetic moment of its needle aligns the compass with the Earth’s magnetic field, in the direction of the North Pole. By its action, the magnetic moment gives a direction, a course, and allows the navigator to reach her or his destination.

Pierre Laly